In 1976 I bought a Canon AE-1 and began shooting color slides, mostly Kodachrome 64 and black and white print film. In 1983 I put a darkroom in my home,which allowed me to shoot a roll of film, develop it immediately and find out if I got what I hoped I shot. My passion for birds drove me to more sophisticated equipment, travel to birding hotspots around North America, and to reading most everything I could about Nature photography. The more I shot, the more I learned. In 1988 my youngest daughter, Katie, got me into wildflowers, expanding my focus, getting her into photography, and forming a bond that will last forever. I have had photos published in various media, sold my work at numerous art fairs, and just passed the ten thousand mark in greeting cards sold. I sincerely hope you find a bit of happiness in my photos and the stories behind them.